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In a joint venture operation, Gatas Group has built and managed on a 26000 sq.meters the “Animal City” (the first and only one in Lebanon), containing a Big Zoo (200 species of animals), a large entertaining area for children games (Inflatable Tunnels, Castles, Sliders, Jumpers) and many more interesting features.
In addition to 15 outlets such as a Restaurant (250 sitting persons), a Fast Food and a Snack Bar, a Pets and Gifts Shop, a ballroom for Birthdays and
Special Events...

Animal City is a magical environment where you can enjoy your time, relax and dream, in the beautiful and natural Naher el Kaleb Valley.
Animal City is a refuge containing more than 50 species of wild and domestic animals sheltered, fed and protected.

The zoo was installed in many exhibitions throughout Lebanon:
• Forum de Beirut / 2000,2001,2002
• BHV & Futuroscope / 2003/2004
• Sun City Resort Ajaltoun / 2004.

In addition to the animals, the site will offer the following attractions:
Exotic Village for families - Souvenirs shop - Home made food shop - Face painting - Pony riding - Children Plantations - Cafeteria, Restaurant - Playground for children - Birthdays celebration place - Events celebration place.

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